Saturday, January 13, 2001

Well, this is the second time I'm writing today. Right now, Nathan is downstairs with Jord. They're probably watching some football game from 1901. How Boring!!! Goodbye Earl is on the radio. Some girl called and requested it, because her boyfriend cheated on her in their house. Serves them right for living together before they're married!!!! Tomorrow is church. Then we're supposed to go skiing, but I'm not sure if we will, because it hasn't snowed for the past couple of weeks, and it's getting warmer. So, who knows what we'll do. Ummmmmmmmm... Emily taught me the school song tonight, so I can know it for next year, when I'm a cheerleader!!! That's about all that's gone on for the past couple of hours. Oh, and we made a potato pie. It just turned into cheesey mashed potatoes. Crazy!! Ok, I gotta go!!!
Well, yesterday was my first day of school at Prentice. Lindsey was really excited, everytime she saw me in the hallways, she almost ran me over. I hope I'm going to have fun!!!